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Nooshfar Vassei, artist & graphic designer was born in 1966 in Tehran. After completing her high school in 1982, she began learning art theory & technique more seriously with Taha Behbahani, the founder of surrealism & metaphysics in Iran.

She began her university studies in graphic design in 1988. After completing her education, a new phase began in her art career, and her style and direction free of defined boundaries further solidified.

Cognizant of color, freedom of expression, & intermixing of graphics & paintings are evident manifestations in her style.

Nooshfar has participated in numerous group & solo exhibitions.

Her artistic career has further developed and expanded by her teaching. At the present time, more than 40 Art students are being trained by her in her private studio.

In addition to commissioned paintings and portraits, she is also involved in other types of art projects, such as murals, patina and interior design.